Why cook yourself when fresh & regional dishes are cooked daily in the Krone Restaurant?

Hotel Krone takeaway in Mondsee

Pick-up Service: Fabulous meals can be taken home

Sometimes there is simply not enough time to prepare your own meal. This doesn't mean you need to forgo freshly prepared dishes. Our Take-Away Service provides you good cuisine which can be taken home.

Our claims and your advantages

Regional Products and seasonal food will be freshly prepared for you. Obviously we also deliver the food to your company, just give us a call under +43 6232 2236.

That's how it works:
* Choose your dish from our standard menu or daily menu.
* Call us under +43 6232 2236 and place your order with us
* After 20-30 minutes your dishes is ready to be picked up.

Our thermobox provides the ideal temperature for your dishes and is 100% leakproof!
Your food will taste like freshly taken off the stove once you arrive with it at your home.