Waterskiing & wakeboarding on the Mondsee

Fun sports in the water – fun for the whole family

The Mondsee is a haven for all water sports lovers. Sailors, surfers, kitesurfers and rowers romp about on the lake all summer long. Those looking for fun sports are sure to find what they are looking for the waterskiing schools.

Water fun on the Mondsee

Camaro waterskiing schools by Mondsee

There are Camaro waterskiing schools at two locations by the Mondsee: in Kreuzstein or at Hotel Seehof in Pichl-Auhof. Both water schools can be reached from Hotel Krone in Mondsee in next to no time.

You can also waterski as well as wakeboard and go tubing in the Mondsee Alpenseebad, which offers the longest water slide in the Salzkammergut for its swimming guests.

Let the experts teach you how to water ski

At the centres, experts will explain to you how to use your water sports equipment properly: the right technique, the optimal posture as well as the necessary safety precautions. You will start from the jetty or the water. Squat down, stretch out your arms and lean your upper body back – this will help you to keep your balance in the water. Even if you land in the water after your first attempts, it's no big deal at all. The Mondsee has a pleasant swimming temperature.

With two speedboats, you can start at the respective locations. In doing so, you can choose from different water sports equipment: waterskis, monoskis, wakeboards, bananas or tubes. Try out to see which is most fun for you.

A separate private beach is available for waterskiing guests. Needless to say, you will be provided with state-of-the-art suits and life jackets to rent for your water sports experience, as well as modern and top-maintained equipment.

Experience the fun on the water

Those looking for fun and action on the water will find exactly what they're looking for in the waterskiing schools in Mondsee. Whizz across the crystal-clear water and experience a special kick.

The waterskiing schools by the Mondsee are already expecting you – and the Hotel Krone in Mondsee will welcome you with the right accommodation. Those who appreciate an informal yet sophisticated atmosphere will find exactly that in the 4-star hotel with private sauna area. In the centre of Mondsee, the lake will be within your reach and you can enjoy your summer holiday to the full.

The team of the family-run Hotel Krone will be happy to accept your holiday request at any time!