Sailing and surfing on the Mondsee

Sailors and surfers bring life to the water

From the Hotel Krone, it is just a few minutes to the Mondsee shore. Want to set sail on the lake? Or use the favourable winds to surf on the blue water surface? You're in best company by the Mondsee for these activities.

If you imagine a beautiful summer day on the Mondsee, numerous sailboats and windsurfers will shape the picture. The traditional Mondsee Yacht Club is located not far from the Hotel Krone. The second yacht club is located a few kilometres further in Schwarzindien. In Mondsee, you will also find a renowned sailing school offering a wide range of courses.

Sailing and surfing school by the Mondsee

Wind conditions on the Mondsee

Thanks to its topographical location, different wind conditions prevail on the Mondsee, depending on the area. Often, the winds turn or appear in gusts. The most constant conditions emerge when passing through a bad weather front from the west. The east wind, on the other hand, can be challenging, but makes it easy to return to the local port at the north of the lake.

Bad weather usually comes from the west. In these cases, you should absolutely pay attention to the visual signals warning of a storm as well as the acoustic warnings.

Mondsee Sailing School

In the highly traditional Mondsee Sailing School, sailors and surfers will find everything they need to have fun in the water. Different boat types are available to rent and can be hired by the hour, for half a day or for a full day. Winter surfers are faced with a choice of different surfers. The offer also includes stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking.

Want to complete a sailing or surfing course on your holiday? The sailing school offers suitable courses for beginners, advanced guests, children and adults as well as private lessons for all the named water sports. Kitesurfing can also be learned here.

For detailed information concerning sailing and surfing, visit the website for the Mondsee Sailing School.

Are you ready for a trip on the water? Many have lost their heart on the Mondsee, shaped by blue water and the Drachenwand. Enjoy all the angles of the Mondsee from Hotel Krone, whether swimming, sailing, surfing or waterskiing. In the family-run 4-star hotel in the centre, you will be in the best of hands and can enjoy the hospitality of the Salzkammergut. Find out more about our rooms & prices and request a non-binding offer from us in the hotel!