Rowing on the Mondsee: canoeing, kayaking & stand-up paddle boarding

Experience the lake from its most peaceful side

Rowing has a long tradition, as both an individual and team sport, and is appreciated by many for its full body work-out. At the Mondsee too, you can paddle across the water in different ways. You can obtain the necessary equipment best from the Mondsee Sailing School. One thing is certain: rowing is probably the most beautiful way to enjoy the lake and its wonderful nature while getting active.

Whenever the lake is smooth and calm, and the water reflects the sun's rays, then the conditions are perfect for rowing. The early morning hours are most suitable for rowing. In a canoe or kayak, you can experience the Mondsee from one of its loveliest sides. Let the boat glide in the lake, grab the oars and paddle with powerful strokes towards nature – here are some tips on the best spots to row on the Mondsee:

Canoeing and kayaking on holiday

Rowing boat, kayak and canoe rental

Kayaks and canoes can be rented at the Mondsee Sailing School for a fee. Corresponding courses are also offered. Those who want to try out stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), of course, also have options here – this water sport is easier than it looks.

One alternative starting point, above all for experienced rowers, is the Mondsee Rowing Club, which also offers guests the chance to rent boats out.

The best rowing areas by the Mondsee

From the port, it is best to stick to the north-western bank. A beautiful natural conservation area is located there. The Zauberwald and Liebesinsel are special charms in the landscape. You will also pass the Seerosenbucht. This bay can only be seen from the water and may not be accessed to protect the nature there.

Another popular rowing area is located at the south-eastern end of the Mondsee. Here, you can row with a view of the impressive rocks of the Kienbergwand and can even spot some chamoises if luck is on your side.

Stand-up paddleboard rental

Water sports on the Mondsee from all its angles

From spring to autumn, the Mondsee offers all kinds of water fun. Whether kayaking or canoeing, sailing and surfing, waterskiing or simply swimming, great holiday experiences await you. Just a few steps away from the lake, the Hotel Krone will welcome you directly in the centre of Mondsee. Relax in a 4-star atmosphere in the outdoor dining area, the restaurant, the wellness area and in the cosy rooms. The team looks forward to receiving your non-binding request!